Sarah Hendy is a Melbourne based artist born in 1982, who has exhibited widely throughout Australia. She has been shortlisted for numerous awards including The 2013 Archibald prize and The 2012 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. In 2006 she was the recipient of The John Vickery Scholarship and The Gary Fell Award. Sarah completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at Victoria College of the Arts in 2006. 

I use photography as a reference point and probe into the nostalgic and uncomfortable, yet enticing, moments of the subjects’ existence. My practice seeks to reveal the melancholy and aesthetics present in every day experiences and to invite the viewer to reflect more deeply on the both the obscure and known. My technical application of paint and mark making underpins these ideas and every brushstroke has individual purpose in the construction of the image. The paintings are made from thousands of tiny brushstrokes and yet each section of the painting is covered by only one.


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